Day 1: Friday

Say goodbye to Australia! We’ll let you know what time your flights are and where you need to catch them from. Get ready to begin your memorable journey. Make sure you take lots of photos especially to make your Facebook friends jealous!

Day 2: Saturday - Arrive into Cairo

Okay - long-haul flight over. Hopefully you’ve had a little sleep onboard, otherwise you’re going to get to have one soon. Guess what? You’re in Egypt! As the Egyptians say, ahlan wa sahlan – which means welcome! Your time here is going to be filled with culture, history and so much fun. Step off the plane, take a short walk and you will see us! Our tour guides will be waving around a sign to identify themselves. This is where your 5 star service begins. They will assist you through customs and immigrations then collect your luggage for you. Off to the hotel we go. You will have some time to freshen before heading to the dining room for dinner, yum! Try the falafel - it’s delicious.

Tonight our guide will pick you up directly from your hotel and take you to the Khan El Khalil Bazaar, where you can smoke watermelon shisha, drink an Egyptian coffee (that’s strong!), go shopping, or ... Well, all of the above. (D)

Day 3: Sunday - Cairo - Pyramids

You’re probably going to be up at 4:00am today - which is either the jetlag or your excitement, like a kid before Christmas. Today’s going to be awesome!  You’re going to visit the pyramids today - one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Beginning with the ancient necropolis, Saqqara, we’ll visit one of the oldest stone structures in the world: the Step Pyramid! You’ll get to learn that the secrets of this desert world have been forgotten over the years, buried in the expansive sands - excavation is underway all year ‘round, making progress towards new discoveries every day.

From here you’ll have a bit of free time for lunch before arriving at The Great Pyramids to witness the beautiful architecture and appreciate all the work that really went into making this marvels.  Y
ou’ll also have a chance to get up close to the Sphinx. Your tour guide will give you a rundown of the history and cultural significance of the things you’re seeing - you’ll get a true taste of what it was like in Ancient Egypt.  (B, D)


Day 4: Monday - Museum & Old Cairo
Try some traditional ful medames at breakfast this morning! You’ll have a huge selection of foods and Egyptian-style delights, so we’re absolutely positive you’ll find something you want to smuggle home with you.

Today you’ll get a chance to check out Old Cairo! Our guide will help you to ensure you’re respectful of the religious gatherings and ceremonies going on as you visit the beautiful Muhammed Ali mosque, as well as the breathtaking Hanging Church of the Virgin Mary.

After lunch, we’ll head to the famous Egyptian Museum. You’ll have a chance to view major historical pieces discovered literally thousands of years ago, dating back to 3000BC - there are approximately 1,200 items in the Museum, including the 11kg Gold Mask of Tutankhamun. If you want to pay a little extra you’ll also have a chance to enter the Mummy’s Room. (We don’t make any promises you won’t get homesick, seeing the mummy there.)

Back to the hotel for a siesta and dinner. This evening you have the option to go to a local Egyptian bar for a drink - otherwise you can catch up on your beauty sleep. Hopefully that jetlag’s starting to disappear! (B, D)


Day 5: Tuesday - Cairo to Alexandria

Have a bit of a sleep in this morning! Today we’re going to be travelling from Cairo to Alexandria - it’s a truly beautiful city. Pack your bags and pop them outside your door so that our porters can pick ‘em up and get them delivered straight onto your transfer vehicle for you! How’s that for 5-star service?

Alexandria is a 3-hour drive from Cairo, so buckle up. Once you arrive you’ll be given the opportunity to check out the Alexandria night life - truly like one of the locals! (B,D)

Day 6: Wednesday - Alexandria

Alexandria is a beautiful city situated right on the Mediterranean Sea. After a calorie packed breakfast, you’ll have a full day of touring this gorgeous city. Start with Pompey’s Pillar - this is the biggest memorial column in Egypt, which was constructed in honour of Emperor Diocletian. You’ll also have a chance to explore the Catacombs, discovered in the 1900s by pure chance when a donkey-drawn cart fell smack-bang into a pit. How’s that for a bit of luck?

Continue to the well-preserved Roman-Graeco Theatre where decades of excavation efforts have led to the discovery of evidence of Roman lifestyle and culture, with marble seats for up to 800 spectators, galleries, and sections of mosaic-flooring. Take in the grandeur of what it was like to live as a Roman in a world ruled by Rome!

You’ll also get a chance to stop into Alexandria’s Great Library, a newly completed structure built after the old Alexandria fires. From here you can explore the beautiful city on your own - ask our tour guide for suggestions if you’re not sure where to go! We love to go shopping, walk the Mediterranean shore or jump on the local tram. Just mind that crazy traffic! (B.D)

Day 7: Thursday – Alexandria to Aswan via Cairo

Back to Cairo! Don’t worry though, the drive’s not without entertainment - don’t be surprised if our guides give you an impromptu belly dance up and down the bus. Just try to stop them. Really. Please. We can’t!

Once you get to Cairo airport, we’ll take care of all your luggage and check it all in for you. All part of the service! Here you’ll fly from Cairo to the breathtaking city of Aswan. Aswan is a beautiful city - you’ll see the gorgeous greenery matched against the calm of the Nile River, which flows right through the city. Check into our incredible hotel with some time to chill out before heading out onto the Nile River via a felucca, a traditional wooden sailing boat.

Take dinner at the hotel and grab a shisha and a drink down at the local bar. (B.D)

Make sure you get to bed on time.

Day 8: Friday –Aswan

5:00AM start today. Sorry. We know.

This morning you’ll take a short flight to Abu Simbel. Abu Simbel is a temple built by Ramses II in ancient Nubia, a mighty structure used to demonstrate his power and divine nature. One of the most magnificent monuments in the world, its removal and reconstruction was a historic event in and of itself.

From here you’ll fly back to Aswan and check into our 5-star Nile cruiser - it will be your home for the next 3 nights. All meals are included on the cruise so brace yourself for the added kilos! This food is delicious. But the day doesn’t stop there.

Once you’ve eaten, we’ll check out the Aswan high dam, which is considered an engineering marvel. You’ll also have a chance to see the Philae Temple, which is dedicated to the Goddess Isis.

Once you’re back on the cruiser, enjoy a welcome drink and some not so welcome drinks, and relax :) It’s been a big day. (B.L.D)

Day 9: Saturday – Kom Ombo – Edfu

Hungover? We understand. Hopefully our guide will have something to help, or you can get a quick fix at the breakfast buffet. This morning we’re headed to the Kom Ombo Temple, the double temple of Egypt. Have lunch back on the cruise and have some free time either to catch up on sleep or bathe on the sundeck in the beautiful Egyptian sun!

Make a stop at the Edfu Temple this arvo to marvel at Egypt’s best-preserved temple, the Temple of Horus, with its ancient hieroglyphs and original ceilings. Isn’t it weird to think that someone hand-drew those things thousands of years ago, and we can still see them today?

This evening we’ll sail to Luxor, via Esna Lock. This is heaps of fun! Getting through the Lock might take some time so make sure you make some purchases from the local villagers - you won’t have a chance to disembark but that won’t stop the Egyptian merchants! They’ll paddle right up to you in paddle boats - how do you make a purchase? Toss some money down to them! Super fun environment, even if you’re not looking to (literally) splash some cash!

Finish the night with a Galabia Party - an Egyptian dress-up party. Fellas, you can finally fulfill your life-long dream of wearing a dress - ladies, have a go at Nefertiti. Whoever you want to dress as, have fun! (B.L.D)

Day 10: Sunday - Luxor

Enjoy a delicious breakfast and let us know how you went in your galabia - was it a hit? You can check out the photos from last night at the cruise shop.

This morning we visit the west bank in Luxor. You’ll visit the famous Valley of the Kings and Queens - you’ll see the tomb of Tutankhamen, followed by a visit to the remarkable Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. You’ll also see the Colossi of Memnon - breathtaking stone statues which guarded the gates of the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes.

Once you’ve eaten your fill at lunch and dinner aboard the cruiser, you’ll be treated to another show of belly dancing at the bar - and you’ll be invited to join (there’s a reason it’s at the bar)! Take a video and tag us in it, we’d love to see.  (B. L. D)

Day 11: Monday Luxor

Today will be spent checking out of the Nile cruiser and seeing some amazing temples: the Temple of Complex Karnak (Egypt’s largest!), and the Luxor Temple, known as the Southern Shrine.  Luxor Temple is unique in that it’s one of the few temples which wasn’t built for the sake of a God or for any proper Divine reason - in fact, it was built to celebrate the rejuvenation of kingship. Some archaeologists think that many of the Kings of Egypt were crowned here!

You’ll check into your luxury (Luxory?) hotel with time to relax and explore Luxor on your own, at your own pace. Eat up at dinner and then be taken by horse and carriage to visit a local bar for a drink. (B.D)


Day 12: Tuesday Luxor to Heaven aka Hurghada

Today continue on to Hurghada - heaven on Earth - which is about 3 hours by vehicle. Take our advice - spend that time napping! Upon arrival, check into your amazing resort and enjoy your hard-earned relaxation. This time is totally up to you!

All meals, snacks, and drinks (alcoholic or not) are included, so now is the perfect time to relax. This evening enjoy the hotel’s disco (if you feel like it) - it’s still called a ‘disco’ so our thinking is, the chicken dance is totally welcome! (B.L.D)

Day 13: Wednesday - Hurghada

Your free time will continue over the next few days. Situated on the Red Sea, Hurghada is a fantastic destination for those seeking a little extra R&R - try snorkelling, building sandcastles on the beach or go on a desert safari! This is your time to gain some truly unique experiences to wave in your colleagues’ faces back home for at least the next three months.

Tonight we head out to Budda Bar and check out the local town.  (B.L.D)

Day 14: Thursday - Hurghada

This day is entirely yours! Take some snaps and show us what you’re up to. (B.L.D)

Day 15: Friday – Hurghada

The freedom continues! Eat to your heart’s content. Drink with a pina colada in one hand and coffee in the other. Sleep for an ENTIRE DAY, or have a swimming race in the hotel pool! Enjoy!

Day 16: Saturday Hurghada to Cairo

It’s time to pack your bags, I’m afraid. Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200 (if we could make it happen for you then trust us, we would). Today’s the day you transfer to Hurghada airport to head back to Cairo - but hey, you can always come back! Today you’ll check into our Cairo hotel and have the time to go shopping or catch up on some Arabic TV while you still can. Make sure you chat to your tour guide if there’s something you really want to buy before you leave Egypt - they’re there to help!

Enjoy an oriental dinner with entertainment at a traditional restaurant. We can grab one last drink at a Cairo bar if you’re up for it.

Day 17: Sunday Cairo – Homebound

Egypt isn’t going anywhere. You know that, but it was so beautiful - it’s sad to leave. You’ll have to come back one day!

Today you’ll transfer to Cairo Airport to catch your flight back home - or somewhere else in the world! Add a stop-over. Go on. Ask us how. :)

Day 18: Monday: Home

Reality kicks in. The last two weeks have been absolutely amazing and you’ve hopefully got a lot of photographs to help remember the experience and the awesome friends you’ve made along the way. Now, how soon can you save up for another trip...?




16 November - 03 December 2018
$5, 995 per person twin share
12 - 29 January 2018
$6,195 per person twin share
09 - 26 February 2018
$5,895 per person twin share
09 - 26 March 2018
$5, 895 per person twin share


20 April - 07 May 2018
$5, 895 per person twin share
11 - 28 May 2018
$5, 895 per person twin share
14 September - 01 October 2018
$5, 995 per person twin share
12 - 29 October 2018
$5, 995 per person twin share


  • Return economy airfares ex Australia to Cairo including taxes

  • Sightseeing and entry fees as per itinerary

  • Accommodation in 5 star properties

  • Breakfasts, lunches & dinners as per itinerary (B.L.D)

  • Economy domestic flights – Cairo to Aswan/ Hurghada to Cairo

  • Abu Simbel by flight

  • Transfers as per itinerary

  • Single Entry Visa into Egypt

  • Modern air-conditioned coach

  • English speaking local tour guide & Egyptologist

  • Tipping throughout tour

Tour exclusions -  optional tours as indicated on itinerary, travel insurance, items of a personal nature, beverages not mentioned, mini bar,  shisha, laundry services,  phone calls, meals not indicated in itinerary.




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