Group Size:  Min 2 | Max 20

Start:  Cairo, Egypt

Finish: Cairo, Egypt

Destination: Egypt

Days: 14

Cities Covered:   Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan

Modes Of Transport: Luxury coach or van, plane, nile cruiser, horse & carriage, felucca sail boat, motor boat

why us

Egypt is a destination we know all too well. We have been running tours to here since 2000 so yes, we are confident to say - we know our stuff!  This tour has been designed to incorporate all the best things that Egypt has to offer. Of course you could spend more time at the Egyptian museum, or an extra night in Aswan, but this is designed for the explorer who only has 2 weeks!  


Day 1: Monday – See ya Australia!

Say goodbye to Australia! We’ll let you know what time your flights are and where you need to catch them from. Get ready to begin your memorable journey. Make sure you take lots of photos especially to make your Facebook friends jealous!

Please note: Depending on flight availability, you may leave Australia early morning on Day 2 and arrive the same day. Don't worry though, you won’t miss out on anything!

Day 2: Tuesday – Hello Egypt!

Okay - long-haul flight over. Hopefully you’ve had a little sleep on-board, otherwise you’re going to get to have one soon. Guess what? You’re in Egypt! As the Egyptians say, ahlan wa sahlan – which means welcome! Your time here is going to be filled with culture, history and so much fun. Step off the plane, take a short walk and you will see us! Our tour guides will be holding a sign to identify themselves. This is where your 5 star service begins. They will direct you through customs and immigrations then assist you with your luggage. Off to the hotel we go. Have a great nights rest, the adventure begins when you wake up. 

Day 3: Wednesday - Museum & Old Cairo

Start your adventure with an understanding of Egypt history at the famous Egyptian Museum. You’ll have a chance to view major historical pieces discovered literally thousands of years ago, dating back to 3000BC - there are approximately 1,200 items in the Museum, including the 11kg Gold Mask of Tutankhamun. If you want to pay a little extra you’ll also have a chance to enter the Mummy’s Room. (We don’t make any promises you won’t get homesick, seeing the mummy there.)

This afternoon you’ll get a chance to check out Old Cairo! Our guide will help you to ensure you’re respectful of the religious gatherings and ceremonies going on as you visit the beautiful Muhammed Ali mosque, as well as the breathtaking Hanging Church of the Virgin Mary.


End the day with a visit to Khan El Khalil Bazaar, where you can smoke watermelon shisha, drink an Egyptian coffee (that’s strong!), go shopping, or ... Well, all of the above.

Day 4: Thursday - Cairo - Pyramids

You’re probably going to be up at 5:00am today - which is either the jetlag or your excitement, like a kid before Christmas. Today’s going to be awesome!  You’re going to visit the pyramids today - one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Beginning with the ancient necropolis, Saqqara, we’ll visit one of the oldest stone structures in the world: the Step Pyramid! You’ll get to learn that the secrets of this desert world have been forgotten over the years, buried in the expansive sands - excavation is underway all year ‘round, making progress towards new discoveries every day. From here you’ll have a bit of free time for lunch before arriving at The Great Pyramids to witness the beautiful architecture and appreciate all the work that really went into making this marvels. Today you’ll also have a chance to get up close to the Sphinx. Your tour guide will give you a rundown of the history and cultural significance of the things you’re seeing - you’ll get a true taste of what it was like in Ancient Egypt. 

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