Layby Interest Free Holidays

TravelPay is here to help you have the trip of a lifetime! If you are looking for no stress, interest free holidays, then TravelPay is for you. With lock in exchange rates, the very best prices and early bird specials, it’s easy to take advantage of layby holidays. So, if you want to set off on an incredible journey and see the world, use TravelPay today!

Do you want to relax under the Californian sun, go wild at a Thai full-moon party or take in breathtaking Mediterranean scenery? TravelPay is a new way of jetsetting across the world with interest free holidays. No matter where you want to go, we can help you get there. Who wants to pay expensive interest rates on credit cards? You don’t have to with TravelPay.

You are in control with TravelPay. It’s so simple to plan ahead with layby holidays when you choose how to pay. You can pay over two, three, four, five, six or ten months – whatever is easiest for you, we can do it!

How does TravelPay work? We forward the full amount of your travel costs to your travel agent, locking in the price and the exchange rates. All we charge for your layby holidays is a $100 ($200 for 10-month option) establishment fee. So, you pay no more and can have peace of mind while you focus on enjoying your life-changing trip.

The leading enabler of layby holidays and interest free holidays in Australia is TravelPay! To make your ideal holiday happen with no stress and ease your budget burden, there’s only one choice. At TravelPay, we'll let you take advantage of the early bird specials! Sign up today for a trip of a lifetime.

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Terms and Conditions apply. 


When can I use TravelPay?

  • You can use TravelPay on all travel products e.g. cruises offered by any cruise company, flights on any airline, packages from any travel company, travel insurance from any provider etc.

  • As long as your departure date is at least 14 days after the last scheduled installment, you can use TravelPay


How easy is it to use?

  • TravelPay is incredibly simple

  • As long as your departure date is at least 14 days after the last scheduled installment, you can use TravelPay

  • You choose the payment schedule which works best for you

  • Your travel agent will fill in your application

  • TravelPay will confirm if applications are accepted within 3 business days


What if I want to change or cancel my travel?

If your booking terms permit, you can arrange any minor changes with your Travel Agent.

If you need to cancel your booking or make major changes, advise TravelPay and us. Using TravelPay does not alter the cancellation terms of your booking. If you cancel, you will receive a refund of your installment payments less any non-refundable amount as stipulated by us. TravelPay establishment and card processing fees are non-refundable and there is a TravelPay cancellation fee of $250. Refunds are not provided to customers until TravelPay has confirmed that all installments have been received.

Regardless, we strongly advise you to arrange travel insurance as recommended by your travel agent to cover you for unforeseen circumstances.


Do I still get frequent flyer points if I pay using TravelPay?

If you are a credit card holder and a member of a reward points program, then yes you will receive frequent flyer points on your credit card after each monthly TravelPay installment.

How to apply?


  1.  Contact us to make your travel reservation. 

  2. We both complete the TravelPay Layby application form and send it to TravelPay. 

  3. TravelPay processes your first installment and the establishment fee to your card and then forwards full payment for your travel to your Travel Agent. 

  4. We will then  confirms your travel booking

  5. After your final installment has been paid, TravelPay notifies your Travel Agent and they will release your travel documents. Simple! 

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